A little bit about our company

centre TYPO is a diversified production studio that knows how to prepare and convert files compatible with MAC and PC platforms for printing and the Web. Production is done from any current software by Adobe, Microsoft or Quark. Files from various sources can be combined to produce uniform, legible documents that comply to the norms of conventional and digital printing or the Web (HTML, SEDAR and EDGAR).

Our knowledge and experience with industry standards as well as in-house high-performance digital printers ensure your last-minute documents get to their final destination on time. Improve your office workflow by having centre TYPO set up templates for your letterheads, fax cover sheets, invoices, statements, forms or presentations that take on your corporate identity and work the way they were meant to. Our ability to get involved in time-sensitive, confidential and labour-intensive projects at all stages will take away some of the pressure.

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Alvoy Blain